Making Something Out Of Failure

This lunchtime, I attempted Spam musubi.
Inspiration from Biggie of, her post here.
But unfortunately, it didn’t work for me.

For a start, I used the wrong rice.  I knew I should use sushi rice instead of plain long-grain, but I thought I could still bind it into sushi somehow.   I couldn’t make it bind at all (especially since I have no moulds etc), so instead, I put it in mounds on the plate.

When I tasted it, I was absolutely loving the flavours, but I found it too salty for my taste.  So what I did was I deconstructed the dish, to make other stuff.

I  put the spam into bread and ate as a sandwich, because the bread soaked up enough of the salt to be more palateable.  Then, with the rice, I microwaved it with some butter and cheeses.  There’s very little cheese dishes I don’t adore.

So I’m of the firm belief that I made a feast out of my failures, and next time I shall try again with something to bind the rice together (I’m sorry to all sushi purists!) or possibly as a chirashi sushi.  But the problem is, how do I take down the saltiness of the dish?  After tasting the different parts, I believe the Spam was the cause of the salt problem.  I never put any salt on the Spam, so how can I de-saltify it?


One response to “Making Something Out Of Failure

  1. Try using low-sodium Spam and usukuchi soy sauce, which is less salty. Then don’t reduce your homemade teriyaki sauce down much at all — reducing it just increases the saltiness. I’ll be posting a full spam musubi tutorial this week — stay tuned!

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