Back In Action!

It’s been a long time.  Too long, I think, much too long.

Be prepared for more, coming your way very very soon.

New computer is coming, making it much easier for me to work this blog.  Much easier to work with the good camera, photo editing. Anyone want movies?  Polls?  Will do if you please!

Stay tuned: Big re-opening in 4 weeks!


Big Changes (For Me)

Things hve been in a large amount of termoil for me, over the past months.

BP and I have not been working and went our separate ways at the end of January.

Then, almost immediately, a winter’s fresher’s flu took me.  I was in hopsital, bored and stressing over my course.

Net result:  I’m now single, and the doctors have placed me on a specital diet: zero fruit and veg, minimal fibre, multi-vitamin drink.

So, I’m readjusting to thinking alone and carefully watching everything I’m eating, until the dieticin reviews my case at the end of the month.

Back, After A Long Time

I know I’ve been gone for what seems like an age, but I’m returning to the world of blogging in a regular way.

BP and I have survived the lean times, managed to set up Internet (harder than you’d believe!), and settled into some sort of rhythm that allows for leisure activities.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you assumed I was no longer a student?  A logical conclusion.

My largest opponent would be the lack of Internet, after that a small number of personal stresses.

But, after all that, I am glad to announce my return.  Please contribute to the following poll at any time in order to influence my future bloggings!

The Lean Times

Apologies to all checking this blog, but updates will start again as soon as possible.
BP and I are facing “The Lean Times”.

We’ve moved into our new flat, using its heat/light/electricity, paying its bills, with Student Loan yet to arrive in our accounts.  It’s like trying to live on nothing.

We’ve some money from overdrafts and previous savings – but still we are trying to be very very frugal.

Meals are cut back, lights and taps used sparingly.  There is no telephone and hence no internet.
However, updates will return once I return to University, and the flat will have internet soon

First Look – The New Flat

Picking up the keys yesterday, I got my first look at the new flat BP chose for us both.

After months of being told “Remember it’s small” (I didn’t go to view it – bad me), I was pleasantly surprised with it.  It’s homely, it’s comfortable.

The only room that was smaller than I would like is the kitchen.  Now, just because I believe “the bigger the kitchen the better”, has nothing to do with it.  This is very small.  There is a hob/oven, washing machine, sink, fridge/freezer (with microwave on top) and a coffee table and no room for anything else.

However, the bedrooms are nice and big, and everything just seems so grand.  There isn’t a place that’s perfect, so there’s always some “work-arounds” to be done.  We can’t wait to start living in it, putting our stuff in and making the place feel ours.

I’m Moving In Week

Ok, my major plans for this week are to move in to the new flat.  Those moving into halls will not be moving in until later, other flats will be soon.  So, here’s planning this week – time, food and activities.

Saturday : Packing!
Breakfast of cereal and milk; snacks of crisps/nectarine;
lunch (leftover from last week, after I spent most of it at BP’s) of salmon with spicy couscous;
dinner (last week again) of mushroom tagliatelle.
Trying to pack the important stuff today.

Sunday : More packing!
breakfast of cereal and milk; snacks as crisps/nectarine/ice cream;
lunch of chicken noodles (a leftover chicken dish adapted from Ainsley’s Meals in Minutes);
dinner of chicken pitta (a lunchbox dish from last week).
Finish the packing this day – it takes away pressure later.

Monday : Rest, collecting keys in the evening.

breakfast of cereal and milk; snacks of crisps/nectarine/crackers+cream cheese;
lunch of brekkie pasta (from last week), with some mushrooms to use them up;
dinner of lunchbox – crispbreads with sandwich paste, rice pudding and a banana.
Collecting keys in the evening, and walking around the flat with the estate agent to make sure it’s clean and livable – there can be some nasty surprises sometimes – beware!  Staying over in Manchester, hence the lunchbox in the evening.  Need to shop for crispbreads, sandwich paste, bananas, rice pudding pots, cereal packet and long-life milk.

Tuesday : Back home for dentist appointment.
breakfast of cereal and milk; snacks of cake bar/ice cream;
lunch of lunchbox – crispbread and sandwich paste, rice pudding and a banana;
dinner of mystery meat in sauce.

Wednesday : My moving in day!
breakfast of cereal and milk; snacks of cake/crackers+cream cheese;
lunch of lunchbox – crispbread and sandwich paste, rice pudding and a banana;
dinner of pizza (from frozen box);
Travelling with parents and stuff to the flat arriving mid morning; going to BP’s for his things; shopping trip to Sainsbury’s.  Need to buy cereal, cheese, nectarines, pasta, fajita spice+sauce, chicken breast, pancetta, tortilla wraps, onion, salad pepper.

breakfast of cereal and milk; snacks cake/nectarine/cheese;
lunch of lunchbox – crispbread and sandwich paste, rice pudding and a banana;
dinner of pasta and sauce bake;

Friday :
breakfast of cereal and milk; snacks of cake/nectarine/cheese;
lunch of lunchbox – crispbread and sandwich paste, rice pudding and a banana;
dinner of chicken fajitas (BP’s speciality).

Things are a little unorganised, because of trying to be in two places at once (or so it feels).  It may not work too well because of this, but I have to try.  There will be a nice lot of leftovers to start next week’s planning from.

Moving In – Take Heed!

Here’s a list of the things you will need, so that you can check them off:
(Updated 26/8/08)

General things:

  • Clothes (you know what’s right for you – I’d recommend at least 2 weeks worth of clothes, you may only be able to wash them once a week)
  • Your washbag (toothbrush, makeup, facewash….)
  • Handwash, showergel, shampoo
  • Hair care things (brush/comb, gel, etc)
  • Hair dryer (if it blows the fuses, send it home again)
  • Bedding (duvet+cover, pillow(s)+cover(s), sheets/blankets)
  • Toilet roll (many places DO NOT provide this)
  • All-purpose cleaner (one for kitchen, bathroom and surfaces) and bleach
  • Air freshener
  • Bin bags (both big black ones and small-bin-size ones) – you may need a bin, too!
  • Bathroom mats
  • Laundry basket and clothes drying stand
  • Laundry powder/soap

Kitchen things:
Remember to check before you go what equipment you have access to, and what meals are/aren’t served

  • Plates, bowls, knives, forks, spoons, glasses, mugs
  • Oven trays and pots/pans (muffin and can tins, too?)
  • Chopping board (aka ‘Worktop saver’) and mixing bowl
  • Can opener and bottle opener
  • Cling-film and foil
  • Cooking knives, spoons, grater, jug, fish slice
  • Tea towels (and oven mitt) – make sure you have enough for when they get dirty
  • Kitchen roll and paper napkins
  • Household scissor set
  • Set of boxes for leftovers (doesn’t have to be expensive)
  • Roll of food bags (for leftovers, freezer food, portioning big packs)
  • Lunchbox kit (optional, but packed lunches will save you lots of money)
  • Sink trap (stops food pieces blocking the sink)
  • Washing up liquid and sponges
  • A good recipe source or two
  • _
  • You may find these useful : pizza cutter, egg cup, sieve, rolling pin, egg separator, pastry brush, cookie cutters

Stuff for your studies:

  • Computer internet cable (think carefully about the length you want/need)
  • Pad of paper
  • Pen set (black/blue ballpoints)
  • Pencil set with eraser and sharpener
  • Stapler and holepunch
  • Ring binder (large if you have many modules), dividers, folders
  • Clear pencil case (for exams again)


  • Music and player (NOT your huge speakers – there are rules against them)
  • DVDs (nothing beats a good film night in)
  • Your favourite hobby (you won’t want to give up for 9 months)
  • Weigh up taking your games console vs getting it stolen
  • Candles (if you are allowed, in case of a power cut, or if you like scented)
  • You’ll want some posters (you know you will) – most places provide a pin board, this usually means you aren’t allowed to stick stuff to walls, so use it

This list is subject to be updated.  If you think I have forgotten something, please comment, and I will add it to the list.  Big thanks to anyone who helps in this way.
Have fun packing and moving in to your new accommodation!